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Mrs Dalloway Key Quotes Essay Example

Mrs Dalloway Key Quotes Essay Clarissa-â€Å"She could not dispel a virginity preserved through childbirth† â€Å"match burning in a crocus† â€Å" Do u remember how the blinds use to flap at bourton† â€Å"The curtain with its flight of birds or paradise blew out† â€Å"She had a perpetual sense, as she watched the taxi cabs, of being out, out, far out to sea and alone; she always had the feeling that it was very, very dangerous to live even one day† â€Å"Most exquisite moment of her whole life. † â€Å"She knew nothing; no language, no history; she scarcely read a book now, except memoirs in bed† The obvious thing to say of her was that she cared too much or rank and society† â€Å"Holding her life in her arms† â€Å"this is what I’ve made of it â€Å" â€Å"By artificial light the green shone, but lost its color now† â€Å"Made to hide her dress, like a virgin protecting chastity† â€Å"Behind it all was that network of visi ting, leaving cards, being kind to people; running about with bunches of flowers, little presents all that interminable traffic that women of her sort keep up†. â€Å"Oh! Thought Clarissa, in the middle of my party here’s death, she thought† â€Å"Life is made intolerable; they make life intolerable, men like that? â€Å"She was not worldly like Clarissa; not rich† Septimus-Look, Look, Septimus! ’ she cried.For Dr Holmes had told her to make her husband (who had nothing whatever seriously the matter with him but was a little out of sort) take an interest in things outside himself. † â€Å"The last shells missed him† â€Å"It might be possible that the world itself is without meaning†. â€Å"Men trapped in mines; women burnt alive†. â€Å"He had gone through the whole show† but â€Å"He was bound to survive† â€Å"The bed was falling; he was falling† â€Å"Beauty [from] behind a pane of glass. † â€Å"Congratulated himself upon feeling very little† When he stared so and did not see her it made everything terrible† â€Å"Secret signal which one generation passes, under disguise, to the next is loathing, hatred, despair. † â€Å"To save an England which consisted almost entirely of Shakespeare’s plays and Miss Isabel Pole in a green dress walking in the Square. † Other-â€Å"She looked pale, mysterious, like a lily, drowned, under water† â€Å"why did he come merely to crtisise† â€Å"Ellie Henderson bought cheap, pink flowers† â€Å"Fear no more the heat of the sun/nor the furious winter’s rage† â€Å"The torture, the extraordinary passion of those days† â€Å" The luster had left her†Ã¢â‚¬ ¦ â€Å"an echo of her old emotion†Critics- â€Å"an ordinary women on an ordinary day†. Elaine Showalter, â€Å"I believe the war is being deliberately prolonged by those who have the power to end it. †- â€Å"Has now become a war of aggression and conquest†- Siegfried Sassoon letter to the times â€Å"I was neither living nor dead, I knew nothing† –T. S Elliot â€Å"A kind of queen ‘ who ‘ with divine grace†¦ regenerates the post world war world† Sandra M. Gilbert, No Man’s Land. â€Å"Undoubtedly this kind of novel tends to generate sympathy for the characters who’s inner selves are exposed to view, however vain selfish or ignoble their thoughts may occasionally be†David Lodge, art of fiction During her parties it was not what she did or said that one remembered but rather the extraordinary sense of her being there† Lucio P. Ruotolo â€Å"At her most interesting, she is a snobbish, vain, repressed lesbian who has dabbled in culture but for the most part of the novel she is only a shadow, poetically enshrined. † Paul Bailey, â€Å" Into the Waves â€Å"It is a novel that explores à ¢â‚¬Ëœpeople’s ability to cope with change†- Elaine Showalter, introduction As the teams head brass â€Å"I sat among the boughs of the fallen elm† â€Å"That stewed an angle of the fallow† The blizzard felled the elm whose crest I sat in† â€Å"I watched the clods crumble and topple over† â€Å"The horses started and for the last time† â€Å"They killed him. It was back in March, the very night of the blizzard† Eleanor Farejeon writes, â€Å"I asked what we were fighting for† He picked up the ground between his fingers and said â€Å"for this†Free verse, narrative poem, 3 parts, begins and ends in same way (lovers) Tears â€Å"It seems I have no tears left. They should have fallen- their ghosts, of tears have ghosts, did fall- that day†. When twenty hounds streamed by me† â€Å"But still all equal in their rage of gladness† â€Å"Upon the scent, made on, like a great dragon† â€Å"Young English countrymen, fair- heard and ruddy, in white tunics† â€Å"And silence, told me truths I have not dreamed† ‘The British Grenadiers’. â€Å"The music piercing that solitude† free verse appropriate for the flow of a memory This is no case of pretty right of wrong â€Å"That politicians or philosophers can judge† â€Å"I hate not Germans, nor grow hot with love of Englishmen, to please newspapers† â€Å"A kind of god he is, banging a gong†But I have not choose between the two, or between justice and injustice† â€Å"Can rake out of the ashes† â€Å"That ages made her that made us from the dust† â€Å"She he all we know and love by† â€Å"We love ourselves we hate her foe†. â€Å"Out of the other an England beautiful and like her mother that died yesterday† Couplets towards the end suggest he’s made his decision† Aspens â€Å"The aspens at the cross-roads talk together of rain† â€Å"The sounds that for these 50 years have been heard† â€Å"The whisper of the aspens is not drowned† Calls their ghosts from their abode† â€Å"Aspens must shake their leaves and men may hear† â€Å"Whatever wind blows, while they and I have leaves† set rhythm abab continuity and structure of poets place in society Words â€Å"Out of us all that make rhymes will you choose† â€Å"As the winds use a crack in a wall or a drain† â€Å"To whistle through choose me you English words? † â€Å"You are light as dreams, tough as oak† â€Å"Poppies† â€Å"Corn† â€Å"Burnet rose† ‘Strange as the races of dead and unborn† Worn new again and again† fixed structure, what is he saying is free-celebrating words Old Man â€Å"I love it, as some day the child will love it† â€Å"Thinking perhaps of nothing†-â€Å"Not a word she says† â€Å"I can only wonder how much hereafter she will remember â€Å"And me forbidding her to pick† â€Å"As for myself, where first I met the bitter scent is lost† â€Å"I have mislaid the key† to the â€Å"garden† of memories â€Å"only a dark nameless avenue† blank verse- appropriate t reflect his blank memory/narrative.

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