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The Stress Levels Among Celia And Hector - 1699 Words

The stress levels among both Celia and Hector are extremely high due to worrying about financial aspects and the living situation of the family. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of additional daily stressors can cause for an illness episode to occur, with that being said, the results of stressors, coping efficacy, and neuroendocrine function can have an affect on disease status (Sperry, 2008). Psychologically, I feel as if Hector is under a great deal of pressure to provide for the family, and even if he works extremely extensive and hard hours ,the family continues to struggle. Concerning Celia psychologically, Celia seems to be timid. Hence, Celia doesn t like to approach Hector about all the problems arising. Celia avoids†¦show more content†¦Due to Celia’s lack of English and because of Hectors work hours and pride, the family has not accessed government assistance, in which they would qualify for. Focusing in on the learning theory within the biopsychosocial lens, will also be helpful to analyze both family members, The learning theory could be used to help Hector overcome his anxiety about using government programs for assistance. To assist Hector overcome some of the anxieties that are associated with government assistance, systematic desensitization could be used, which builds on the concepts of positive reinforcement and self-efficacy (Rogers, 2010). This would be necessary, with the idea in mind of how much some governmental assistance would serve the family. The fact that Hector is not eating lunch at work ,in order to save food for his family could be extremely devastating to his health. If Hector can receive some assistance in providing food to his family, it will relieve a great deal of stress. Therefore, change would begin by bringing up the idea of governmental assistance to Hector and teaching him some relaxation techniques while considering (Rogers, 2010). Eventually you would show Hector how to apply for government assi stance, and finally show him some pros of applying for assistance. The idea is to expose the client to these factors while helping calm the anxiety (Rogers, 2010). Consequently, Hector will begin to feel pride in some of the relief the family

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Ancient Egypt A Important Part Of The National Egyptian...

Ancient Egypt was one of the earliest civilizations, and had a stable structure that influenced the cultures of other countries such as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Egyptian culture is one of the world s most oldest cultures, one that descended from an ancient civilization that emerged in the 10th millennium BCE. Egypt has a long history, longer than any modern country. Ancient Egypt was home to some of the earliest developments of agriculture, writing, organized religion and central government. Their cultural heritage is a very important part of the national Egyptian identity. This essay will identify and discuss several aspects of Egyptian culture, ranging from language, religion, government, attire, and other cultural norms for the country. Arabic has been the spoken and written language of Egypt for almost 13 centuries. The language of Coptic descended from Ancient Egypt, and this was originally the language of religious and everyday life for the majority of the populatio n. However it has been replaced by Arabic, and now only exists to be a liturgical language for the Coptic Orthodox church. Coptic was the last stage of the written Egyptian language, and is more commonly referred to as Hieroglyphs. The Ancient Egyptians developed this method of writing by giving each word a symbol, or illustration. Some symbols they associated with sounds or value, and therefore when combined would form a spoken word. Hieroglyphs were well drawn and colorfully painted, andShow MoreRelatedCulture : The Light Of A Society1097 Words   |  5 Pagesstay alive, and a nation dies when it’s mentioned unique identities die. Culture constitutes a complex tissue of mutual relationships and set different forms of tradition and expression within a society. Egypt, Mesopotamia, and India are the heartlands of various cultures, yet they share many identities. Historically, these are the main locations from which the most dominant cultural ideas have spread. The Egyptian is one of the ancient cultures and is unique in many mysterious ways. The wayRead MoreComparing Religious And Political Authority Of Early Civilizations1352 Words   |  6 Pagesamong the three groups; Mesopotamia, Nile in Egypt and Indus Valley (Mahenjodaro and Harrapa) in India. Mesopotamia Political organization The name Mesopotamia is derived from a Greek word that means the land between two rivers identified as Euphrates and Tigris in this case. Much of it is contained in the present day Iraq and is considered to be one of the ancient civilizations that bear great history in terms of socio-economic and political factors (ancient civilization). Some of its larger citiesRead MoreEgypt : The Land Of The Pharaohs1792 Words   |  8 Pagescorner of Africa sits â€Å"The Land of the Pharaohs,† the country of Egypt. Egypt is one of 53 independent countries in Africa and like most of them they have been influenced by outside colonization. Egypt’s location, being at the top of Africa, connecting directly to the Middle East, and being a boat ride across the Mediterranean Sea away from Europe provides them the natural gift of being a key part in intercontinental affairs. Egypt is also surrounded by water as it lies below the southeast edgeRead MoreThe Effects Of Water Scarcity, Envi ronmental Degradation And Effects On Indigenous Culture As A Result Of A Globalised World Essay2252 Words   |  10 PagesIn this report I will be presenting an overview of Egypt and discussing some key issues as a result of globalisation. The topics highlighted will explain the impacts of water scarcity, environmental degradation and effects on indigenous culture as a result of a globalised world. Egypt: Country Facts and a brief History The Middle Eastern country of Egypt is located in Northeast corner of Africa on the Mediterranean Sea. It is bordered on the west by Libya, on the south by Sudan, and on the eastRead MorePrincess Nazly Mostafa Bahgat Fadel 1551 Words   |  6 PagesPrincess Nazly Mostafa Bahgat Fadel was the granddaughter of Mohamed Ali Pasha, the founder of the Egyptian monarchy, and one of the most important figures of the family. Born in the late 19th Century, Fadel grew up between Europe and modern-day Turkey where she was able to get an education that combines western modernity and eastern traditions. In 1877, her husband Khalil Pasha Sherif was appointed as the Ottoman Ambassador to France. During this time, Nazly Fadel began to interact with the FrenchRead MoreThe Jewish Exodus From Ancient Egypt2136 Words   |  9 PagesI. Introduction I am investigating the Jewish Exodus from ancient Egypt, which reportedly took place around the 13th Century BC. I was raised in a Jewish household, and growing up Passover has always been one of my favorite holidays. I had so much fun searching for the Afikomen, welcoming Elijah to our Seder table, and above all, retelling the story of how the Jews were freed from slavery and escaped the wrath of the Pharaoh thanks to the guidance of God. It’s a magical story which has inspired hopeRead More Religion and Cultural Identity Essays5058 Words   |  21 PagesReligion and Cultural Identity Is it possible to be a Muslim without believing the validity of the prophecies of Mohammed? Is it possible to be a Christian without believing in the resurrection of Jesus? My definition of religion transformed greatly during my studies the past few months. Even as a religion major at St. Olaf College I thought of religion very narrowly, as a construct of metaphysical beliefs. But Ive come to realize that religion runs far deeper than my Lutheran mind previouslyRead MoreEgypt’s Accounting Standards (Eas) Against Ifrs the Reason Behind Compliance and the Main Differences4499 Words   |  18 Pagesequity capital markets on which listed companies depended heavily for finance—the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand—there were a lot of differences. In 1947, France established the Plan â€Å"comptable ge ´ne ´ral†, or National Accounting Plan, a detailed, codified regulation of company accounting, which France then exported to Belgium and Spain and eventually to Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, and Peru (Scheid and Walton 1992, Chap. 7). During the 1950s there wereRead MoreReligion and Politics Essay2773 Words   |  12 PagesReligion and Politics Historically, religion and politics have always played a very significant part in our everyday lives, dating back to the ancient pharaohs of Africa to our modern day society, religion have had a profound effect on our existence as a society. For a good example of how religion affects politics in our modern world we need not look very far but in our own backyard. The influence of Catholicism on Latin American politics, and the role religion plays on Middle EasternRead MoreEgypt Cultural and Economic Analysis3973 Words   |  16 Pagessummary. WHAT PRODUCT WHY SUCCESSFUL The physical size of Egypt, the enormous size and density of its urban population, and the role played by foreign assistance in determining its policy agendas, all contribute to Major challenges in developing a coherent and effective environmental policy (Zetter and Hassan, 2002). Considering loyalty is one of the most important aspects in Egyptian life it is safe to say that once they accept the product they will become loyal

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Traits Differentiating Scholars from Normal Students

According to the Oxford dictionary, a scholar is those who specialises in a particular branch of study, especially the humanities. If the word is to be further defined, in archaic terms it means a student or pupil. In an institute, there would be students and scholars. However, most scholars are students too. What are the traits that distinguishes them from normal students? This will be further explained below. First and foremost, the most common trait a scholar needs to have is humility. This trait is most commonly known to be defined as the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. Therefore, a scholar should always view himself as an equal towards others and never as a superior, which will lead to negative values such as arrogance and egoism. In my opinion this trait is what led many scholars to succeed, as they would always be humble of their actions, which in result they would be well respected and looked upon. Thus humility is a trait that must be present in a good scholar. In relation to the trait ‘humility’, another noticeable trait of a scholar is integrity. This trait is defined as the attachment to moral and virtuous principles, such as honestly. As a result, this trait would be present in everyone, however, not everyone practices this. For example, an honest person would be trusted more than a person who repeatedly lies. This would show that the scholar would uphold the value of integrity. Therefore a good scholar must possess this trait to earnShow MoreRelatedBrand Image10222 Words   |  41 Pages2, pp. 165-187 doi: 10.1362/146934711X589390 ISSN1469-347X print / ISSN 1472-1384 online  ©Westburn Publishers Ltd. 166 The Marketing Review, 2011, Vol. 11, No. 2 PART I: IMAGE CONCEPTUALISATION Brand, corporate and product image Differently from traditional economic/marketing literature (e.g. Stern et al., 2001), in which image is classified in different typologies - corporate image, brand image, product image, store image – the present study moves to a different and more modern conceptualizationRead MoreIntercultural Communication21031 Words   |  85 Pagescontact with people from different cultural backgrounds immensely b. These developments have affected the world economy. The business world is becoming more international and interrelated. c. Widespread population migrations have changed the demographics of several nations and new intercultural identities and communities have been born. d. The development of multiculturalism Working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different culturesRead MoreIntroduction to Marketing Revision Notes8991 Words   |  36 Pagesknowledge of matching supply with demand comes from the development of microeconomics. * Psychological Influences – our knowledge of consumer behaviour comes principally from psychology, particularly motivational research in relation to consumer attitudes, perceptions, motivations, and information processing. * Sociological Influences – our knowledge of how groups of people behave comes mainly from sociology, with insights into areas, such as how people from similar gender and age groups behave. Read MoreChinese Buying Behaviour23603 Words   |  95 Pagesbehaviour. This research explores both secondary and primary data. The secondary data covers the background of China’s laptop market and the literature. The primary data, which is acquired form a questionnaire survey conducted in Shanghai, China from a random sample of 100 respondents, uses statistic analysis in order to investigate the relationship between four components of brand equity and consumer behaviour. The research reveals that there is a relationship between brand awareness, perceivedRead MoreStephen P. Robbins Timothy A. Judge (2011) Organizational Behaviour 15th Edition New Jersey: Prentice Hall393164 Words   |  1573 Pages10.5/12 ITC New Baskerville Std Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on the appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2013, 2011, 2009, 2007, 2005 by Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproduction, storage in a retrievalRead MoreArticle: Performance Appraisal and Performance Management35812 Words   |  144 Pages(IOSRJBM) ISSN: 2278-487X Volume 3, Issue 5 (Sep,-Oct. 2012), PP 01-06 www.iosrjournals.org From Performance Appraisal to Performance Management 1 Ms. Leena Toppo, 2Dr. (Mrs.) Twinkle Prusty 1,2 (Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University, INDIA) ABSTRACT: Performance appraisal and performance management were one of the emerging issues since last decade. Many organizations have shifted from employee’s performance appraisal system to employee’s performance management system. This paperRead MoreWireless Technology Essay16392 Words   |  66 Pagesfor us in the world today. Wireless technology is a technology that has changed the world and how it operates. Wireless technology is the ability to communicate between devices without wires. Wireless technology is found in many devices ranging from cell phones, computers, GPS units and house alarms. Through the advancements in our technology, it has become less common to function without this technology. Wireless technology provides the ability to transfer information between points withoutRead MoreDeveloping Management Skills404131 Words   |  1617 PagesWeidemann-Book Credits and acknowledgments borrowed from other sources and reproduced, with permission, in this textbook appear on appropriate page within text. Copyright  © 2011, 2007, 2005, 2002, 1998 Pearson Education, Inc., publishing as Prentice Hall, One Lake Street, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey 07458. All rights reserved. Manufactured in the United States of America. This publication is protected by Copyright, and permission should be obtained from the publisher prior to any prohibited reproductionRead MoreFundamentals of Hrm263904 Words   |  1056 Pageslearning environment integrates the entire digital textbook with the most effective instructor and student resources With WileyPLUS: Students achieve concept mastery in a rich, structured environment that’s available 24/7 Instructors personalize and manage their course more effectively with assessment, assignments, grade tracking, and more manage time better study smarter save money From multiple study paths, to self-assessment, to a wealth of interactive visual and audio resources, WileyPLUSRead MoreInnovators Dna84615 Words   |  339 Pages(Continued from front flap) is the Horace Beesley Professor of Strategy at the Marriott School, Brigham Young University. He is widely published in strategy and business journals and was the fourth most cited management scholar from 1996–2006. is a professor of leadership at INSEAD. He consults to organizations around the world on innovation, globalization, and transformation and has published extensively in leading academic and business journals. is the Robert and Jane Cizik

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Business Corporate Prosecution Law

Question: Discuss about the case study for Business Corporate Prosecution Law. Answer: Introduction: In the research article, David Cohen: The PMs Plan for Sink Estates is Welcome-But Must Go Further the author David Cohen talks about the development of sink estates in an effective and a more comprehensive manner. For case, a sink estate refers as a British council housing estate that is demonstrated by high levels of economic as well as social deprivation (Cohen, 2016). Along with this, the author also describe that the development and reconstruction of Britains sink estates is a great idea for the development of the nation. On the other hand, David Cameron (the prime minister) played a significant role in order to develop the plan and model for the reconstruction of the sink estates in a proper way. Apart from this, the PM also played a critical role in order to address the chronic poverty and gang violence of the estates in a clear way. Moreover, the government also provided support to implement these plans and also provided funds in order to execute the agendas in an appropriate and effective manner (Cohen, 2015). The PM stated that our model was to support community projects that are initiated by residents, and the Government of the nation came good with an assurance of 400,000. Along with this, the PM Cameron affirmed that it is essential to take a major step for the reconstruction of the sink estates. The main reason behind it is that the decades of neglect has led to gangs antisocial behavior as well as entrenched poverty within the areas. But, David Cameron describes that what must be first step to implement these agendas. First, we should focus to tackle poverty. Or, we should promote right-to- buy affordable housing to rebuild sink states in an effective way (Caroline, 2015). It is a subject of concern because of from a tackling poverty perspective this would be a degraded disappointment, however from a housing stock perspective it has its allure. On the other hand, numerous housing estates sit cheek by cheek with avenues where properties offer for upwards of a million pounds. Moreover, by modifying skyscraper estates as low-ascent alluring housing, and after that making them accessible to purchase or lease, we can discharge enough value to assemble substitution housing in less salubrious regions- consequently satisfying the guarantee to give occupants a home and keep up or even build the housing stock (Boffey, 2016). As a result; it seems that the goal is not compatible in an easy way. In addition to this, the other problem was that affordable housing was an ambiguous term for the people. According to Cameron the rebuilt housing should be both affordable to rent as well as to buy. It is because of more than half of council estate residents are unemployed or else low-waged. As a result, it will be unfeasible for the people to afford to buy the rebuilt houses (Cohen, 2016). Hence, David Cameron suggested that upgrading facilities would be an outstanding way to start for the reconstruction of the sink estates in an effective and a more comprehensive manner. Michele Dix: Crossrail 2 Must Get the Green Light Now for Londons Economy In the research article, Michele Dix: Crossrail 2 Must Get the Green Light Now for Londons Economy, the author Michele Dix talks about the development of the economy of the nation. The Prime Minister David Cameron is making effort for the development of the nation. The government of the nation wants to see the nation fully economic developed nation in 2016. The government is also making efforts in order to develop the transport system of the nation in an effective and a significant manner (Dix, 2016). The government has been developed some important projects to develop the transportation system in a proper way. For case, Crossrail 2 is a central project of the nation. This project would also be beneficial to connect northern cities and to develop infrastructure of the nation in a more comprehensive manner. On the other hand, the author describes that the project Crossrail 2 requires a green light of the government as soon as possible. It is because of the previous project Crossrail 1 will have taken ten years to construct. The implementation of Crossrail 2 is essential in order to upgrade the Tube and national rail lines for the future of the nation. In addition to this, the major problem with this project Crossrail 2 is that it needs huge amount of money to invest. So, there is need of the quick action of the government of the nation. It is because of if the government will take more times to make decisions related to the investment then there are more chances of the failure of the project (CRERAR, 2016). As a result; the project Crossrail 2 needs green light for the economic development of London. In addition to this, the author states that Crossrail 2 is also urgent in light of the fact that it's not just about building a railroad. Apart from this, Crossrail 2 will drive new house-constructing, a problem that needs to be addressed for London. It is intentionally steered through ranges with open doors for housing growth. Altogether, Crossrail 2 would also beneficial for the development of 200,000 new homes and would also support 200,000 new employments within the nation (Leam, 2016). In this way, the project Crossrail 2 would be helpful to produce approximately 102 billion for the economy of nation. As a result, the project Crossrail 2 is obtaining strong support of the public of the nation. Along with this, the author describes that; Crossrail 2 will also be helpful for the economic, financial, and social development of the nation. The main reason behind it is that the project will improve the transport system of the nation. As a result; it will connect cities with each-other and also improve the trade within the nation. Consequently, it will be beneficial for the overall development of the nation (Mitchell, 2016). In this way, it can be said that, the government of the nation must provide green light to the project Crossrail 2 quickly. Fraud Chief Calls for Tougher Corporate Prosecution Laws In the research article, Fraud Chief Calls for Tougher Corporate Prosecution Laws, the author Martin Bentham talks about the corporate prosecution laws for the welfare of the businesses. The author describes that these laws are essential in order to protect business organizations and to punish businesses that are liable for the financial crime within the nation. On the other hand, the corporate prosecution laws would also be beneficial to prevent banks as well as other large corporations from any unlawful activity (Bentham, 2016). In this way, the corporate prosecution laws would be helpful to provide an environment of peace within the nation. In addition to this, the author states that, the corporate prosecution laws should be changed. The main reason behind it is that American prosecutors have more power than the people of the nation. Along with this, these laws are not followed by the business organizations in a proper manner. For case, on the off chance that somebody is acting criminally throughout their work and a portion of their thought process is to advantage the organization then anything they do makes the organization liable and that is very simple for the people (TheGuardian. 2016). On the other hand, the author describes that there is a lack of action on order to implement corporate prosecution laws to stop criminal activities in an effective and a more comprehensive manner. This is the major reason that business organizations and banks such as: Deutsche Bank, Barclays and RBS have been fined by regulators for market manipulation and they did not faced any corporate prosecution. Furthermore, the author states that this lack of action has been criticized by politicians, ex-director of public prosecutions, and others. In this way, in current, corporate prosecution laws have become a major subject of concern for the nation. In addition to this, the author describes that corporate prosecution laws are only beneficial in order to protect the reputation as well as money-generating capacity of the nation. Imagine, there were a practice in the finance or banking industry that was understood and boundless and criminal, then the partnerships themselves, on the off chance that they knew of that practice and permitted it to proceed with (CPS. 2016). In this situation, why they should not be subject for it and also the people who lead the criminality? The new wrongdoing would make the bank itself, or the partnership, subject criminally. Moreover, the author states that, in current, the corporate prosecution laws have become illogical and not able to provide justice to the people. These laws are only improving money-generating capacity of the nation. They are unable to demonstrate transparency in corporate structures (Garrett, 2014). As a result, it can be said that, the corporate prosecution laws must be change. These laws must be followed by the people. There must be strict rules and regulations in order to implement the corporate prosecution laws within the nation in an effective and a more comprehensive manner. References Bentham, M., 2016. Fraud chief calls for tougher corporate prosecution laws. Available At: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/fraud-chief-calls-for-tougher-corporate-prosecution-laws-a3150011.html Boffey, D. 2016. David Camerons 140m to tear down sink estates turns out to be a loan. Available At: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/feb/27/david-cameron-sink-estates-fund-turns-out-to-be-loan Caroline, D. 2015. David Cameron vows to blitz poverty by demolishing UK's worst sink estates. Available At: https://www.theguardian.com/society/2016/jan/09/david-cameron-vows-to-blitz-poverty-by-demolishing-uks-worst-sink-estates Cohen, D., 2015. The Estate We're In: David Cameron praises Standard project to improve neglected areas and backs it with 400,000. Available At: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/london/the-estate-were-in-david-cameron-praises-standard-project-to-improve-neglected-areas-and-backs-it-a3093736.html Cohen, D., 2016. David Cohen: The PMs plan for sink estates is welcome-but must go further. Available At: https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/david-cohen-the-pm-s-plan-for-sink-estates-is-welcome-but-must-go-further-a3154286.html CPS. 2016. Corporate Prosecutions. Available At: https://www.cps.gov.uk/legal/a_to_c/corporate_prosecutions/ CRERAR, P., 2016. Crossrail 2 route gets the green light. Available At: https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/crossrail-2-gets-the-green-light-a3200286.html Dix, M., 2016. Michele Dix: Crossrail 2 Must Get The Green Light Now For Londons Economy. Available At: https://www.standard.co.uk/comment/comment/mich-le-dix-crossrail-2-must-get-the-green-light-now-for-london-s-economy-a3150656.html Garrett, B.L. 2014. Too Big to Jail: How Prosecutors Compromise with Corporations. Harvard University Press. Leam, D., 2016. A green light for Crossrail 2. Available At: https://londonfirst.co.uk/a-green-light-for-crossrail-2/ Mitchell, J., 2016. Independent body gives green light to Crossrail 2 and urges ministers to make construction a 'priority' in south west London. Available At: https://www.richmondandtwickenhamtimes.co.uk/news/14336247.Independent_body_gives_green_light_to_Crossrail_2_and_urges_ministers_to_make_construction_a__priority_/?ref=mrlp=17 TheGuardian. 2016. Law to be toughened up to stop companies benefiting from fraud. Available At: https://www.theguardian.com/law/2013/sep/02/tougher-laws-stop-companies-benefiting-from-fraud

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Achilles Role Essays - Greek Mythology, Mythology, Trojans

Achilles Role From the initial callousness and stubborn temper of Achilles in the first books of the Iliad to the eventual ?humanization' of Achilles in his interaction with the grieving father of Hector, whom Achilles himself slew, the Iliad can be seen to chronicle the maturation of the Greek hero during the terrible battles of the Trojan War. Achilles is a hero in the epic sense, complete with flaws and bad qualities that round out the character, but with passions and convictions that any reader can relate to. Throughout the course of the Iliad, Homer creates the character of Achilles to be that kind of hero in every sense of the word. As the novel begins, we first meet with Achilles in his interaction with the great king, Agamemnon. It may be said that Achilles shows himself to be a horribly hard-headed individual, and this is obviously true. But, in this encounter with the powerful king, Achilles also shows some of his more respectable qualities; such as courage, honor, and a sense of justice . Achilles does not feel that it is right that he or the rest of the soldiers should be punished for the brashness of their commander. So, as the epic starts to unwind, Achilles is described as a strong-willed, though a bit hot tempered, man. It is in the following books that Achilles shows some of his not to desirable qualities, yet in these qualities the character of Achilles is ultimately developed. Homer describes the plot of Achilles to avenge his disgrace at the hand of Agamemnon. He has his mother, the goddess Thetis, ask Zeus to punish the Achaeans on behalf of her and Achilles. Zeus reluctantly agrees to this, and Achilles success in having the whole of his people subjected to a brutal and costly war to get his ?revenge' on Agamemnon. As the Trojan War presses foreword, taking countless lives of both Trojan and Achaean alike, Achilles stands by and watches, unwilling to participate in the battle even when an apology from Agamemnon and pleading from his comrades is presented to him. He replies in this fashion, Love him so well, and you may lose the love I bear you. You ought to help me rather in troubling those that trouble me; be king as much as I am, and share like honor with myself; the others shall take my answer; stay here yourself and sleep comfortably in your bed; at daybreak we will consider whether to remain or go. (Homer IX 613-620) Achilles continues to refrain from directly engaging in the fight until his best friend, Patroclus, was killed in battle by the mighty Hector. Achilles is devastated by the loss of his friend, and he vows to revenge this atrocity himself. Achilles returns to the battlefield; and upon finding Hector, Achilles savagely slays the man with a spear into his throat. Achilles then allows the dead body of Hector to be mutilated by the sharp spears of his fellow Dannans. Achilles then proceeds to strap the carcass to his chariot and drags the body along, and ultimate act of disrespect and hatred. Achilles is over the edge, the death of Patroclus has brought out a rage that can only be quenched with the blood of Hector. Achilles is in the same sense both utterly un-human and the essence of humanity in these actions. His treatment of the noble warrior Hector goes beyond the bounds of normal war customs at the time to quite barbaric levels. Achilles, it seems, draws satisfaction from the defiled corpse of his enemy. Yet, all of this hatred is derived from the very human emotions of sadness, grief, and especially love. The contrast between these two sides of Achilles is hinted at by Homer. The comments of Achilles likening himself to a human and Hector to a beast can be viewed in both ways. Achilles says, Dog, talk not to me neither of knees nor parents; would that I could be as sure of being able to cut your flesh into pieces and eat it raw, for the ill have done me... (Homer XXII 345- 347) In the last book of the novel, Achilles finally undergoes the final transformation in

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The Writing Journey Aint Fast

The Writing Journey Aint Fast Recently I told yall about my sons new stray, adopted from the shelter. Hes good at training pups, and so his journey begins with Lucy. His other dog, Harper, has all sorts of commands and tricks under her belt, and was a quick study, but Lucy? Well, just consider her the second child . . . the one that teaches you as a parent that everything you learned about raising a child doesnt necessarily work. You can read more at his personal blog at  Nanus Nation, where hes been blogging about the little and big things in his life for going on eight years. Some of you already follow him. Im rather proud of his online journal, but then.hes my son. But the point is Lucy  is a two steps forward and one step back sort of pup. The methods my son  used to train Harper arent necessarily working on Lucy. Too often we think of our writing as a positive process. One where we write when we like, only about ideas we love, with the end results being a beautiful story the world will adore. Not the case at all. Good writing . . . writing that comes across as effortless in reading . . . is the result of hard, heart-breaking struggle. But lets say you wrote your first book, enjoyed the process, then started on the second. You figure you have this routine worked out now that youre published. Like having children and raising pups, you soon learn that no two books are alike. They differ. Boy, do they differ. You get frustrated. You want to quit, but if you are responsible and diligent in writing, you weather through it. You learn the new tricks necessary. You develop new habits.  The end result is a product youre proud of and additional  skills. And if you move on to book three, youll feel like youve adopted yet another stray, and all your previous magic   just doesnt work. You search for yet another way to write a good story. But  most of all, hopefully, you realize that you never arrive. Writing is a constant journey with no end in sight. Constant growth, never-ending change, and a perpetual need to focus on being better. An ongoing effort to create a  different story and  find new ways to fulfill the needs of writers, Like rearing children . . . like raising pups. No two are  mastered the same. Editor, FundsforWriters Email Hope  |  Visit Website FFW has proudly been on the Writers Digests 101 Best Websites for Writers list every year since 2001

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2 imaginary companies merge Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

2 imaginary companies merge - Case Study Example me in running specific errands such as picking children from schools, picking friends from specific locations and in large scale, GoogLexus is projected to be useful for the taxi business where cars can be sent to collect clients from different locations without involving drivers (Toyota/Lexus 2012). The GPS system will be fitted with the camera that will allow the operator to monitor the events as they happen in the car from a sitting. This will be the first time to develop such GPS system devise in the history of the modern technology, therefore, there are high expectations that this product will perform favorably in the market. The main problem facing this project is how to sell it to the masses because it is a new idea and with the skeptic nature of the masses, it thought that there is a possibility of the project hitting a snug. Irrespective of these challenges, the reputation of these two companies will be vital for the success of this new GPS system device. Lexus Company was founded during early 1980s; however, it was launched in the year 1989. Lexus is associated with high quality, luxury, and customer satisfactory cars; these are the virtues behind their success. Lexus is a subsidiary of the legendary Toyota family that is reputed to be the third in the world as far as auto motive maker is concerned. In the United States of America alone, Lexus and Toyota boast of employing more than 31,000 people. In addition to this, they also employ over 160,000 individuals as dealers and suppliers. Furthermore, the total investment of Toyota in United States is approximated to be a massive $12 billion. Lexus and Toyota contribute remarkably towards the growth of the ever-growing United States economy (Toyota/Lexus 2012). The success of this product will rest upon the GPS; therefore, it is important to have background information about it. GPS in full is Global Positioning System; it is a navigation system that is based on satellite. The system comprises of 24