Friday, February 7, 2020

Company profile about an engineering company in United Arab Emirates Essay

Company profile about an engineering company in United Arab Emirates - Essay Example With its inception as a wholly state owned enterprise in 1979, Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (DUBAL) has been existent for the over 30 years. The main reason behind the states establishment of Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (DUBAL) was to add value to the vast countrys oil-rich mineral resource as it would result in the diversification of the UAE economy. The company’s production capacity has grown over the years with the installation of modern smelters that produce approximately one million metric tons of high-quality molten aluminium annually (Dubai Aluminium Company Limited n.d). Furthermore, DUBAL is currently overseeing an aggressive growth plan as it seeks to become one amongst the top five worldwide aluminium producers by the year 2015. As one of the leading producers of high quality finished aluminium, DUBAL owns one of the worldwide largest aluminium smelters plant. Established on a four hundred and eighty hectare site in Jebel Ali the company has established a state of the art plant centralized in one locality allowing it to function smoothly as it produces over one million metric tonnes of aluminium. Unlike other companies that operate in the United Arabs Emirates (UAE), DUBAL is one of Dubai’s industrial flagships it is one of the prevalent non-oil companies that adds up to the country’s economy. As a company that focuses on the production of high quality finished aluminum products, it serves a vast number of electronics and aerospace industries that operate worldwide. It focuses on its power of partnership with its employees, customers, government, suppliers, and the community under, which it operates. Dubai’s government founded Dubai Aluminium Company Limited (DUBAL) in order to boost its economy through production of high quality finished aluminum products for its users in the electronics and aerospace industries. As a result, DUBAL has

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