Tuesday, May 26, 2020

The Stress Levels Among Celia And Hector - 1699 Words

The stress levels among both Celia and Hector are extremely high due to worrying about financial aspects and the living situation of the family. Furthermore, a sufficient amount of additional daily stressors can cause for an illness episode to occur, with that being said, the results of stressors, coping efficacy, and neuroendocrine function can have an affect on disease status (Sperry, 2008). Psychologically, I feel as if Hector is under a great deal of pressure to provide for the family, and even if he works extremely extensive and hard hours ,the family continues to struggle. Concerning Celia psychologically, Celia seems to be timid. Hence, Celia doesn t like to approach Hector about all the problems arising. Celia avoids†¦show more content†¦Due to Celia’s lack of English and because of Hectors work hours and pride, the family has not accessed government assistance, in which they would qualify for. Focusing in on the learning theory within the biopsychosocial lens, will also be helpful to analyze both family members, The learning theory could be used to help Hector overcome his anxiety about using government programs for assistance. To assist Hector overcome some of the anxieties that are associated with government assistance, systematic desensitization could be used, which builds on the concepts of positive reinforcement and self-efficacy (Rogers, 2010). This would be necessary, with the idea in mind of how much some governmental assistance would serve the family. The fact that Hector is not eating lunch at work ,in order to save food for his family could be extremely devastating to his health. If Hector can receive some assistance in providing food to his family, it will relieve a great deal of stress. Therefore, change would begin by bringing up the idea of governmental assistance to Hector and teaching him some relaxation techniques while considering (Rogers, 2010). Eventually you would show Hector how to apply for government assi stance, and finally show him some pros of applying for assistance. The idea is to expose the client to these factors while helping calm the anxiety (Rogers, 2010). Consequently, Hector will begin to feel pride in some of the relief the family

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