Thursday, October 10, 2019

Is Education Important Essay

In today’s globally competitive world, education is another aspect that measures a person’s skills and capabilities. Employers and companies look for people with high educational attainment that have proven their more capable skills and knowledge when compared to other people (also known as the competition). Families brag about scholarships, honourable mentions and awards. Even something as getting a date or a life partner would depend on what kind of education did a person have from their early childhood until their university years and even reaching to further graduate studies—whether people would freely admit it or not. Education is judged as important primarily because it is associated with learning skills, knowledge and experiences that would help him/her to be successful in the real world. The real world is defined as the world that one has to work to get some food on the table, pay taxes to help the nation and get rid of the pile of unpaid bills. On the other hand, success in the real world is the defined as having the ability to afford both the basic necessities and luxuries. Education then is concluded as being the answer to achieve that success. How? While people usually complain why they have to take physics or chemistry in high school when their ambition is really to become a ballerina or a manager, those students fail to see that education also provides non-formal education—education that happens outside the educational set-up but which they learn while inside the educational institution. Things like social skills, discipline, confidence, tenacity and patience, etc. re things which can only be taught through association with other people—and doing things they do not enjoy and consider useless. Aside from the fact that there are critical and cognitive thinking skills that one learns in formal education—like basic math which is very important or memorization and analyzing things which are also very important—non-formal education is another form of education that develops the person’s ability to stay and succeed in the real world. To end, education’s importance cannot really be put into simple words and abstract concepts because the reason for its importance is tantamount to explaining why food and shelter is important. But overall, this is the point—yes, education whether formal or non-formal is imperatively essential to everyone. If it was not, then why did the school system manage to continue forth and survive from the time of the ancient Greeks to today’s 21st century and technologically-advanced world?

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