Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Longest Journey :: Personal Narrative Africa Traveling Essays

The Longest Journey Have you ever wanted to do something so bad, you can’t wait and it actually seems the days and hours are getting longer as you get close? I hadn’t seen my father for three years and I wanted to see him so bad, I also wanted to the United States of America which had been my dream since I was a little child. My dad had left for the United States when his business failed and he had to find a job which was better than his business and after a few years he decided to move his family as well. I was exited and couldn’t wait until the last week I had to spend in Africa because then I realized what I was about to live behind, all my relatives and friends, my home, it was going to very hard for me to live the place I called home for fifteen years. It was very early in the morning when I got up, the sky cloud less, it had never looked so beautiful, the grass and bushes still filled with the early morning due. I got in my moms truck and we drove to my grandparents to say the final goodbye. It was about fifty kilometers from where I lived, deep in the African jungle where molt of the land in untouched by man. I kept my head outside the window most of the time enjoying the breeze and thinking about what I was about to live behind. I got to my grand parents palace which we used to call â€Å"the village† and as usual, my grand parents were so happy to see us. It is a very pretty cite, my grand ma singing very joyfully, my cousins rushing from the garden with fruits. I remember that day e had jackfruit, pineapples, mangoes, and lots of homey that my grandfather used to extract himself. After lunch which I didn’t eat because I had too much fruit, we headed home where I was very anxious to see my girlfriend who had skipp ed school to say goodbye but the ride took longer than I anticipated so by the time we got home, it was time to head off to the airport, the longest yet shortest journey have ever had to travel. It was like my heart was being ripped in half and also being mended at the same time because I was I had to live my home but I also wanted to see my dad who I hadn’t seen for a while, my mom was driving, me, my little brother and sister who I was to travel with sat in the back of the truck with a few of our cousins.

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