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Both Parent should assume equal responsibilty in raising child Research Paper

Both Parent should assume equal responsibilty in raising child - Research Paper Example These give them the ability to teach their children what is required of them so as to grow up as moral people in the society. When a focus is made to the biblical view of parents’ responsibility for their children, God prepares a place in their heart for the love and nurture of children. God builds a foundation for ones love as well as love for their spouse after which he lays a foundation for the love of their children. These foundations lay a good framework for parents’ responsibility for themselves and their children. It is through the efforts of both parents that a child becomes a true person. Parents offer the first education to their children even before the teacher comes in the child’s life. The child’s first impression of the world is created from the impression the child receives while still at home under their parents’ responsibility. Therefore it is advisable that parents present a better perception of life to their children according to Sclafani (2004). The only way through achieving this goal is ensuring that they take full responsibility of their children lives. For instance when the child goes to school the first time, he/she will perceive the teacher as he/she perceives his/her parents. If he is a male teacher then the child will perceive him the way he/she perceives his/her father. ... Thus it can be argued that the issue of parents’ responsibility is a continuous aspect of live which never comes to a halt. According to Sonna (2006), it is important that parents take continuous responsibility until their children get married as marriage is regarded as the inheritance of love from both father and mother. Through their parents, children learn how to love themselves and others; it is through this they are able to develop love for their spouse in future. If the both parents never played their part better in taking care of this responsibility regarding love, then it is definite that the same will happen to the child’s life. This is because it is in receiving that we learn to give and this completes a responsible individual in the society. It is important that both parents take equal responsibility for their children. This idea can be attributed to the fact that raising children responsibly is among the difficult jobs. The issue of taking child responsibili ty today appears more complex due to the diminishing aspect of the extended families. In order to avoid the complexity, it is the responsibility of each of the two parents to play their roles in raising the child. For the mother responsibility begins immediately after conception. This is because she has to ensure good health of the unborn baby. In this case, the father’s responsibility for the unborn child is to ensure the mother’s health conditions are good and she takes good care of her. After the child is born the mother appears to be the closest parent compared to father due to breastfeeding. At this stage the father should also ensure that come into contact with the child. This is important as child at this

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