Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Major Sales ( Marketing Analysis Paper) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Major Sales ( Marketing Analysis Paper) - Essay Example (Bonoma, 2006). The buyer – seller relationship is unique setting in which psychology play a huge role in the outcome of the intervention. Psychology is about understanding people’s needs and how to fulfill them (Heywood, 2007). The sales strategy utilized by a company must take into consideration how to fulfill the desires of the customers in order to obtain a final sale. An interesting scenario from the article written by Thomas Bonoma involved a company that had the best prices in the industry, but it was being outperformed by competitors because other companies were offering higher discount to the customer to finalize the sale even though their final prices were higher. This example clearly shows the perception of a higher discount played into the customers mind and created a false illusion of offering a better deal. The corporate world is complex which implies that a seller can not target a single person in a company when making a sales approach. In order to be effective at selling it is important to combine the individual and group dynamics of buying to predict what the buyer decision unit will do (Bonoma, 2007). A company can be visualize as a buying center which has different components within the organization. A corporate sale requires the salesperson to make an approach to different people within the organization to obtain results. Once the sales pitch is given to the initiator of the target this person will pass the information along to others for evaluation. The key for the salesperson is to ensure the information reaches the hands of the decision makers within the organization which are the ones that ultimately make the decision to purchase the product or service. Selling is an art and a science at the same which must be mastered by the seller. Persuasion is an element that can help salespeople a lot. If for example a particular characteristic of the

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